Jacob Aarup Dalsgaard

Jacob Aarup Dalsgaard

Phd Student Algorithmic Fairness




I am a PhD student at the center for social data science at the University of Copenhagen and at NERDS at the IT University of Copenhagen. My PhD project is part of the BiasExplained project funded by the Villum Foundation. My research focusses on algorithmic fairness in a Science of Science context and aims to develop new models to understand inequality and improve the fairness of algorithms through de-biased impact measures.

I am interested in the study of social and cultural dynamics. I believe that by describing and understanding these we can develop new tools that can help us correct behaviors and biases that create inequality. In this line of work, I have previously modelled the effect of team diversity in complex problem solving, assisted in teaching how recommender systems are used to retrieve and rank people, and worked with high performance computing at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center studying percolation of opinion dynamics. Recently, I have picked up an interest in graph neural networks which I believe will play a key role in the study of large scale social networks.

I am a creative entrepreneur by heart and have helped develop open-source natural language processing resources in danish. Finally, I am passionate about social and environmental sustainability and have competed in several case competitions working towards sustainability.

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  • Computational Social Science
  • Social Sustainabiliy
  • Network Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • PhD, Algorithmic Fairness, 2023-2026

    University of Copenhagen

  • Msc, Data Science, 2021-2023

    IT University of Copenhagen

  • BSc, Cognitive Science and Mathematics, 2018-2021

    Aarhus University

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